Can NAD Elongate Lifespan?

Yes, it certainly does but only in mice till yet as far as the research is considered. Improving NAD+ with the help of boosters, like NR and NMN, can improve lifetime and health of mice. Boosting NAD levels offer a generous impact with increasing lifetime in mice. Utilizing the NAD+ precursor called NR, studies have confirmed that it’s supplementation boosts the lifetime of mice by around 5%. 

High NAD+ levels also allow protection against numerous age-related conditions. This ultimately means that a healthier and longer life can be achieved after preventing serious diseases. 

A few scientists specializing in anti-aging such as David Sinclair have even claimed the animal trials as successful which is why they have started to publicize the supplementation to humans as well. 

Why should you take NAD?

There are many promising reasons for taking the NAD+ supplement. For instance, a bright complexion, increase stamina in physical activity and to battle age-related conditions. Some people have said that the supplements made them feel energized but others don’t agree. 

Huge evidence from animal trials might have created the hype to these claims. The NAD+ supplements improve the bioavailability of NAD in cells which reverses the aging process and sufficiently boosts lifespan in animals. Nevertheless, the question remains if these results can be achieved in humans. Presently, no clinical trial has proven that NAD+ supplements show therapeutic effects in humans. 

The future of NAD

For many people, the aging population can translate to spending extra time with families, but it also comes with the stress of living with age-related conditions. In 2016, the health treatment for age-related conditions in the US amounted to $1.1 trillion, as revealed by Milken Institute. Combined with the absence of economic growth, the full economic effect was 3.7 trillion which is almost 20% of the nation’s GDP. 

As old age arrives, a fix for age-related conditions to remove the economic and health problem has become critical. Scientists might have discovered a probable fix: NAD+. Known as the “miracle molecule” for the ability to recover and regulate cellular health, NAD+ has displayed numerous talents for curing Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Nevertheless, comprehending how trials of animals can translate to people is the next action for science to guarantee the safety and practicality of NAD. 

Scientists are striving to attain a complete understanding of the biochemical mechanism in molecules. The study on NAD+ metabolism will continue and its details might be the key to discovering the secret of introducing anti-aging molecules from bench to bedside.